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Magnetic fluids are colloidal dispersions of ultrafine subdomain ferro- or ferrimagnetic particles in various carrier liquids. Macroscopically the ferrocolloids are similar to ordinary liquids but they obey unusually strong superparamagnetic properties. That means, that the use of external magnetic fields provides strong magnetic forces acting on the fluid. Thus, a control of the flow characteristics and the properties of magnetic fluids by magnetic fields become possible. The "smart" or even "intelligent" properties of ferrocolloids have been used to develop various technical applications, some of them gaining high commercial importance and application in every-days live (sealing of hard disc drives of personal computers, loudspeaker cooling, magnetofluid bearings and lubricants, various sensors etc.).

Research interests of the group:

Group members:

    Elmars Blums eblums@sal.lv
    Gunars Kronkalns kron@sal.lv
    Michail Maiorov maiorov@sal.lv
    Dmitrijs Zablockis DmitrijsZablockis@yahoo.com
    Aija Dreimane aija_dreimane@inbox.lv

Research projects (recent 5 years):

    1. E. Blums (Coordinator), "Jauna metode nanokompozītu materiālu fizikālo parametru spektrālā sadalījuma noteikšanai", European Regional Development Foundation, Project 2011/0001/2DP/, (2011-2013)
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    2. E. Blums (Coordinator), ''Ferrite nanoparticles and colloids for thermomagnetic cooling systems and hyperthermia'', European Regional Development Foundation, Project ERAF/CFLA/05/APK/2.5.1/000002/002, (2006 2008).
    3. E. Blums (Head of Working Group 5.4), Project No.5 ''Technologies of producing Nano particles, nanostructural materials and thin layers for functional materials and composites'', Latvian State Research Program on Modern Material Processing, (2005 2008).
    4. E.Blums (Head of Project). Diffusive and Convective Transfer of Nanoparticles in Non-isothermal Ferocolloids and Capillary-porous Media. Latvian Council of Science (2005 - 2007).
    5. E. Blums (Head of 4 Working Packets), European Commission, 5th Framework program, Project 2001/C 264/05 ''Development of Institute of Physics of University of Latvia for European centre of MagnetoHydroDynamics research'', (2002-2005).
    6. E.Blums (Head of Project). Transport Properties and convection in Ferroocolloids under Thermal, Optical and Magnetic Stratifications. Latvian Council of Science (2001 - 2004).

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