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The Magnetohydrodynamics (former Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika) is a quarterly journal published since 1965 by the Institute of Physics, University of Latvia. The journal is concerned with fundamental and applied problems of magnetohydrodynamics of incompressible media including magnetic fluids.

The MHD channel, jet, electrically induced vortical and other flows, MHD turbulence and the stability of flows, self-excitation of the magnetic field, the physics, thermodynamics and hydrodynamics of magnetic fluids, the magnetohydrodynamics of two-phase- and multi-component media and electrodynamics are discussed. The development of new electromagnetic pumps, flow-meters, weighers, throttles and other devices as well as technological applications of MHD laws and processes to iron and steel production, nonferrous metallurgy, including aluminium reduction cells, semiconductor crystal growth in magnetic fields, various processes and devices with magnetic fluids are among the applied problems discussed in the Journal. There are three main sections in the Journal: (i) general and theoretical problems, (ii) applied problems and (iii) reviews. There are also sections with short communications, current information as well as criticism and bibliography. The journal is recognized worldwide and since 2001 published only English.


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