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Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Used to study magnetic properties of materials.
Lake Shore's new 7400 series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) is the most sensitive VSM available today. This VSM features a noise floor of 1 x 10-7 emu at 10 seconds/point sampling, 4 x 10-7 emu at 1 sec/pt. and 7.5 x 10-7 emu at 0.1 seconds/point. In addition to providing the lowest noise floor, this VSM's patented technology leads to a stability of 0.05% per day which surpasses the stability of any other commercial VSM.

  • 1 x 10-7 emu noise floor at 10 seconds/point
  • 7.5 x 10-7 emu noise floor at 0.1 seconds/point
  • Stability of ±0.05% PER DAY
  • Fields to >3 tesla
  • Temperature options from 4.2K to 1273K
  • Vector and autorotation options

Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimeter

The DOP2000 (Signal Processing SA) uses pulsed ultrasonic echo technique to measure instantaneously velocity profiles, Doppler energy profiles, echo profiles, spectral density (FFT), histogram and the flow rate in flowing liquids. It computes and displays in real time these data profiles based on the analysis of a user’s specified number of gates placed along the ultrasonic beam.

The digital ultrasonic synthesizer included can generate any emitting frequencies between 0.45 MHz and 10.5 MHz. Associated to this performance, the DOP2000 includes a variable spatial resolution filter that allows to adapt the size of the sampling volume to the application and therefore improves the signal to noise ratio of the measurements.

All the ultrasonic parameters (Frequency, Prf, Tgc..) and the processing conditions (number of gates, filters...) are set by the user. The smart trigger capability of the instrument allows to synchronize the acquisition to any periodic or non periodic event. This high flexibility applies to any of the 10 channels multiplexer (available in option) and up to 32’000 profiles could be recorded in binary and/or ASCII format.

If desired, the DOP2000 can record simultaneously two types of data profiles, such as the velocity profiles and the Doppler energy profiles. A separate emitter output connector enables to use two different transducers for emission and reception. This feature allows by means of an external control unit the measurement of a complet 2D or 3D velocity field, which
uses the UDVF technic.

Operating in a Windows 9x® environment, the velocimeter can be adapted to your applications with only few mouse clicks. The measured profiles are displayed on a bright 12", 800x600 TFT color screen and are recorded in its internal memory or send through the build-in Ethernet connection to any storage device within few milliseconds.

The key points of Signal Processing's velocimeter:

The available emitting frequencies

The emitting frequency is one of the most important parameter. From its selection, the velocity range, the spatial resolution and the measuring range will depend. It is therefore very useful to remove any limitations in its selection. This is why Signal Processing has developed a digital ultrasonic synthesizer, which allows the DOP2000 velocimeter to use any emitting frequency between 0.45 MHz and 10.5 MHz, covering most of the possible applications of ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry 

The sensitivity

The sensitivity is a very important parameter because it influences the range of possible application of the instrument. A high sensitive instrument allows measurements in liquids containing few particles and/or in liquids having high attenuation coefficient. The sensitivity is defined as the minimum instantaneous power of the Doppler echoes from which Doppler information can be extracted and is expressed in dbm (reference power 1mW on a 50 ohm impedance).

Unfortunately, for most ultrasonic Doppler instruments find on the market, any numbers characterizing the sensitivity are not given. This makes the comparison difficult. Signal Processing has a put a lot of effort to offer very high sensitive instruments. This is why when many other instruments failed our DOP velocimeter still deliver quality information.

The resolution

The definition of the thickness of the sampling volumes are not only defined by the ultrasonic burst length as it some times mentioned. This would be the case only if the electronic bandwidth of the instrument was infinite. Of course this is never the case and all ultrasonic instruments owns filters to rejected unwanted noise level. This bandwidth reduction defines the minimum thickness of the sampling volume. In order to realize the best compromise between the noise level and the desired resolution, our DOP velocimeter can modify both the burst length and the bandwidth of the receiver stage.

More than one instrument

DOP2000  velocimeter do not only measure velocity profiles. They also compute and display in real time other data profiles such as the echo, the Doppler energy and the power spectrum of a gate. By using available accessories, our instrument can measure the sound velocity in any liquid, or could be transformed in a complete acquisition system, capable of controlling up to 10 ultrasonic probes independently, each probes having its own set of parameters.
The way we design our velocimeter offers to our customers a very versatile instrument that allows for instance to collect and record raw data, which opens the possibility to evaluate any customer's processing methods and ideas.

Superconducting Magnet

  • Maximal magnetic field induction: 5 Tesla;
  • Working zone diameter: 30 cm;
  • Working zone length: 1m;

  • Infrared Thermal Imager

    Thermo Tracer TH9100MLN/WLN
    High Quality and High Resolution Thermal Image
    320 x 240 pixels I.F.O.V 1.2mrad

    Testo 350XL Combustion Analyser

    The Testo 350 flue gas analyser is a flexible, portable measuring system which fulfills a wide range of requirements.
    For this reason, the analyser can be used to:
    • Adjust all types of industrial burners
    • Measure concentrations in crude and clean gas over a longer period of time
    • Check the atmosphere of all types of process furnace
    • Maintain stationary motors such as block-type thermal power stations
    • Check gas pressures and gas velocities in flue gas and also in additional air ducts
    The 350XL consists of a control unit, analysis box and a flue gas probe. O2, CO, NO (option) NO2, SO2, CxHy and H2S (options), temperature and differential pressure as well as the usual calculated values CO2 etc. The detachable control unit can also be used as a separate analyser for temperature, velocity, differential pressure, relative humidity etc. The readings can be printed on the integrated printer. A complete Pelter gas preparation unit for controlled condensate disposal is built into the analysis box.
    Advantages of 350XL at a glance
    • Battery operation, also with gas preparation unit
    • Analysis box with data logging function allows measurement without control unit.
    • Radio control (option) between control unit and analysis box.
    • Easy and fast operation via touch panel display.
    • Measuring range extension (option) for CO
    • Suitable flue gas probe for every application.
    • Extremely high accuracies in the lower ranges for CO and NO.
    • Easy handling thanks to low weight and compact size.
    Can withstand tough conditions thanks to sturdy transport case.

    High Frequency Generator for Induction Heating

    Eldec MFG 20