Vibrating Sample Magnetometer MAHYD

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is a test system for magnetic properties of various materials.

Application possibilities:


Specially developed software allows performing a "magnetogranulometry" analysis of polydisperse systems obeying Langevin mechanism of magnetization.

Main characteristics:

Figures represent a magnetization curve of a colloid containing chemically coprecipitated complex ferrite nanoparticles (Fig. 1) and a spectrum of their magnetic moments (Fig. 2) determined assuming the superparamagnetic behaviour of assemble of polydisperse sub-domain particles.

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M. M. Maiorov. Magnetization curve of magnetic fluid and distribution of magnetic moments of ferroparticles. In: Proc. 10th Riga MHD Conference, Institute of Physics, Salaspils, 1981, p. 192-193 (in Russian).